Welcome to the Vegan Friends Blog!


Welcome, welcome! We have officially opened our lovely project, the Vegan Friends Blog!

Since we encourage and hope for a natural bond with you, on our blog you will find content delivered with humor and information written in a conversational tone.

If you’re a non-vegan who is vegan-curious, you can find answers here to some of the more common questions about veganism; from health to lifestyle, food to weight loss, animal rights to environmental aspects. We are providing recipes, educational materials, and include you in our vegan journey.

If you’re already vegan, you can use this as reference and inspiration to start your own project, delivering the message and raise awareness further on. Please do get involved in our projects, share your experiences with us and let’s learn from each other.

We are currently working also on several educational projects for children and we can’t wait to share them with everybody, so stay tuned for that too!

Vegan Friends aims to create a friendly open community, where we can express ourselves exactly how we would have done among our friends.  

So please feel free to be as you are 🙂  

We would enjoy hearing your feedback on the new website and take any suggestions you may have.

At the same time, we invite you to connect with us at various social media channels.  We are now on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube!

Thank you for being here!  🙂

Welcome to Vegan Friends Blog


Your Vegan Friends

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