2017 Calendar Eco-friendly materials

Hello friends!

Today we are happy to present you with the project we worked on for the last past months.
With pride and joy we are presenting you our 1st Vegan Friends product, the wonderful 2017 Calendar made on Eco-friendly materials.

As you know, Vegan Friends is dreamed to be a big project which will bring you many educational and entertaining products in the future.
We used this calendar-project as an exercise, a test, for the following products that we want to develop.
This ‘test-project’ turned out to be a great experience from which we learned a lot.
Developing a product from zero until the end, can empower you greatly and increase your confidence on many levels. So we are very happy and proud we finalized it  and didn’t give up.

Development & Experience


In case you are curious or want to develop a similar project yourself, I want to share with you a bit of our experience in order to know what to expect

In order to gain practice we are constantly working to improve our work ethics, timing and organization within the workflow. We wanted to learn how to develop a product from point A to point Z.
This way we can get familiar with the challenges (good and bad) that might come on the way and prepare ourselves for the common situations that we will confront when we will develop bigger projects.

Just to mention some of them that we have encountered 

We experienced ups and downs levels of energy while working (there were some hardcore days when we were very productive, and other days when we couldn’t finish the “check list” and got frustrated), the extra costs, the extra night hours that we needed to put in, dealing with the technical issues (regarding the website, marketing, printing etc), dealing with personal sorrow (ex: the people that don’t believe in your project and make remarks that will bring you down), how to research and find good companies that we can work with (that are not rubbing you from the last penny in your pocket, or that are working with environmental friendly materials etc) and many others.
On the good side though, and the things that kept us going were 1st of all the passion that we have for Vegan Friends and our desire to make it work. The love for veganism; for animals, for our environment and for childish educational entertainment; the funny, silly jokes that we had included.
Another very important factor is the joy of being and working together on a positive project with an important message and lastly but not the least, the excitement of receiving help and positive feedback from our friends and families and other people who support our project. We thank all and we are truly grateful <3

How it’s made – 2017 Calendar Eco-friendly materials

2017 Calendar took around 2 months to develop. It’s size is A5 (international paper size),  so it does not take too much of your space. It serves as a colorful and joyful desk accessory.

Starting from the bottom, with only the desire to create something that will bring joy to others and also be useful, we sat down on several “important meetings” to generate fun brainstorming sessions.

Vegan Friends Calendar 2017  Vegan Friends 2017 Calendar

We both share a fairly sarcastic and weird sense of humor, which we hope will also make you smile 🙂 These being said, it was very entertaining for us to come up with ideas for situations, pair up animals from different environments and imagine some kind of dialog between them. It is obvious for some that might never meet in real life, but we like to think that if they would, they will have great conversations and fun together 😛
Like all good things in life that require attention to details and scrupulousness (eh? fancy word right there isn’t it?) the process seemed at times long but we felt very fulfilled after each working day.


Eco-friendly paper

The 2017 calendar contains 12 handmade (by us of course 😛 ) drawings and it presents animals from different environments in friendly and funny situations. The size of the product is 32.5 x 23 x 1 cm and it weighs 130 gr.

Because we care about our environment, we insisted to use Eco-friendly materials.
For printing, we have used recycled beige paper with flowers and seeds which I personally think it’s stunning and unique.

Eco Friendly Kaya Print Ro

2017 Calendar Eco-friendly materials

We have collaborated with a wonderful print shop from Bucharest, Romania.
The staff from Kaya Print, proved to be honest and friendly, prompt and punctual, meticulous and attentive to deliver the products exactly as required and expected in a very short time.
Even if the collaboration was mainly online, they managed to exceed our expectations and maintain the communication constant and accurate until the product was complete.
We will definitely consider them for our next projects!
From our part and from our experience we are endorsing them as being awesome 🙂 and strongly recommend their services.

Digital version

Digital Calendar Vegan Friends

If you spend more time in front of the computer screen, then you can check out our digital version of the calendar: Desktop Wallpaper Calendar 2017. The beautiful colors and layout of the wallpapers will help brighten your mood while the calendar in the bottom side will add some functionality to it as well.
The collection contains handmade drawings adapted and edited into a digital format- therefore the design is a bit different than the physical version of the calendar.
The theme of the collection is funny and friendly, so it is suitable for all ages and genders.

Thank you

Every step of the development was made with love and care. We are happy with the final outcome and we truly hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.
Thank you everyone for the wonderful support, and if you enjoy our work, please share it with your friends and loved ones, and help us grow the Vegan Friends project further on 🙂   

2017 Calendar Eco-friendly materials
If you want to purchase the Vegan Calendar 2017, please visit our Webshop 🙂

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