How to make a Vegan Cheesecake | No Baking

Not long ago we tried a recipe for vegan cheesecake, and I am happy to report that it was a success!

This vegan cheesecake is packed with flavor and it is perfect for any events like birthday parties, dinner with friends, apology surprise cake or for a simple lovely evening.

vegan cheesecake

This appears as a fancy recipe, and the ingredients might not be so affordable or easy to find everywhere. We are not usually buying nor using them on a daily basis, but since we had the chance now to try this recipe, I am sharing it on the blog with you.

High points:

  • This recipe doesn’t require baking (which for us is great, because we don’t have an oven).
  • It is raw and healthy.
  • Doesn’t take much time to make it.

Low points:

  • The ingredients can be expensive and hard to find in some areas.

*Please excuse the audio, we had a tiny mic issue.

Ok, so how to make a vegan cheesecake (?) 

The cake is formed from 2 layers; the dough and the cream/filling.

  • 20 minutes Cooking
  • Difficulty: Easy


vegan cheesecake ingredients

  • 2 cups Ground walnuts
  • 3 cups Cashew nuts
  • 7-8 Dates
  • Hemp seeds (optional)
  • Chia seeds (optional)
  • Lemon juice (as much as you please)
  • Vanilla extract (as much as you please)
  • Agave/ginger/maple syrup (as much as you please)
  • 200 ml Bio Cuisine Coconut Cream/ coconut milk

The base – dough

Mix the dates and walnuts together in a food processor and add the hemp and chia seeds. This is the 1st layer of the cake and it is very easy to make and straightforward.

vegan cheesecake

Careful when using the walnuts, adding too much might give a bitter taste to the composition. So for 2 cups of walnuts use 3 cups of cashew nuts for the filling. Also if you need to dough to be more sweet, add more dates to the mixture.

vegan cheesecake

The dough should be sticky when it’s done.

Add the composition into your tray or cookie forms and keep it in the fridge while making the cream.

The filling – “cheese cream”

vegan cheesecake

Put the cashew nuts in the food processor and mix them until you have small pieces.

Now it is time to add a sweetener, some lemon juice and few drops of vanilla extract. I have used black agave syrup, but you can also add ginger or maple syrup, Stevia and so on.

cashew nuts

cashew nuts

Mix them together and then add the coconut cream on top and blend everything together. I am using again a vegan dairy and gluten free cream from Bio Cuisine, but this time with a coconut flavor. To find out more about this cream and how you can use it in food compositions, please see our previous entry about vegan cheese sauce.

vegan cheesecake      vegan cheesecake

Take your tray out from the fridge and add on top of the dough the beautiful cream you just made. The cream should be thick and easy to spread and also should smell amazing and make your salivary glands very happy and impatient.

Decorate the cake with sprinkles or fruits and keep it in a fridge for an hour before serving.

vegan cheesecake  vegan cheesecake

From our experience the cheesecake can stay in the fridge for maximum 3 days (so eat it fast).

Please enjoy this wonderful vegan cheesecake! 🙂

Until next time, peace and plants to you!

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