Coffee & Eat – VEGAN Options in Odense, Denmark

Where to find vegan options in Odense, Denmark?


Currently it is not that easy to find vegan options in Odense. With this video we hope to open a door for restaurants who want to promote themselves for their vegan options on the menu or why not, help them see the importance of implementing vegan recipes and the huge demand for them in the city at the moment.

One of the biggest challenges as a vegan is when you find yourself in the city with business and you get super hungry and have nothing to grab and eat to boost your energy. 

We all know how horrible it is not to eat when your body needs it!

The attention span is all over the place except for the things that really matter (like looking both ways when you cross the street 😛 )

Your mood gets crazy, you tend to become grumpy and impatient, dizzy and even feel your hands or entire body more cold than usual. The energy level drops and knowing that it is not fun to go through this, it is of course also not healthy at all to starve ourselves and have inconsistent meals.

Well this was happening for us too when we were out in the city and sometimes being in a rush there was no time or possibility to bring or buy fruits or cereal bars with us as a quick fix snack until we get home.

Vegan Food here, at Coffee & Eat

On one lucky day, we found out about this small cafe in the heart of the city called Coffee & Eat where by the demand of customers they decided to try out some vegan option foods.

Here, they have just started ‘for a week’ (this was back in June 2016) to make vegan sandwiches. The initiative was so successful, that they have made also the cakes vegan, and switched to plant based milks such as soy milk in order to make the coffees and milkshakes too.

I was so hyped when i found out about this, that i asked the owner to make a video together and promote the cafe since currently it is really hard to find vegan food in a restaurant/bar/cafe in Odense.

So this was a big deal and it had to be made public and announce more people!

Therefore we made a video about it, and here it is 🙂

We eat very rare outside the house, and we support eating whole plant based foods, (which are the best when you cook at home and you can have an eye on stuff like how much sodium is getting into your body and so on). These foods have all the fiber, water and nutrients that your body needs and on which our satiety mechanisms are naturally tied too. But when we do eat in town, well…we are happily going to Coffee & Eat and we strongly recommend to anyone to go visit the cafe and try the vegan options out. They are truly fresh, high quality and delicious 🙂

Until next time, peace and plants to you.

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