Why Vegan - Animals


Animals are getting killed everyday in a huge number over 55 000 000/day. More than 150 billion animals are slaughtered every year.

We never really acknowledge the obvious reality that every one of these animals are being killed when there is no need to – it is not for survival or defensive reasons, and at the same time it collapses our health and our planet.

Apart from animal slaughter, there are many other ethical issues regarding eggs and dairy production. Cows are constantly kept pregnant nine months per year, every year, until their bodies collapse and can’t produce milk anymore- and then are sent to slaughter. If the baby cow is a male, it is no use for the milk industry, and therefore it is sent to slaughter as veal. If the baby cow is a female, it is taken almost immediately from her mother (so that it won’t consume the milk) and raised to be a milk machine just like her mom. The male counterparts of egg-laying hens don’t have any better faith: these are smothered or ground up alive immediately after hatching, since they are no use for the egg industry. The animals are held in small cages, cramped and injured, most of them are dying before their time to be slaughtered. They are staying in their own filth and therefore they get sick. To prevent them from dying ‘before their time’, the animals are injected with antibiotics. Also the growth hormones play a big role in animal development and pesticides and fertilizers transmitted from the grains that they are fed with, are also dangerous chemicals both for animals and humans.

Our thinking about non human animals is very confused. Many of us have companion animals such as dogs, cats, and rabbits. We share our homes with them, consider them members of the family, we love them, buy them toys, food, sleeping beds and even clothes. We admit and notice their emotions and intelligence and we spend money, time and energy to train them and also care for them when they get sick or injured. And we grieve profoundly when they die.

Yet we kill and eat other animals, that if you really think about it, are no different from the ones we love, actually many of them had proven to have a higher intelligence and attachment abilities.

“We all say that we love animals and we are against animal cruelty, but we all pay people to mutilate, torture and slaughter animals. It’s not for any necessity, it’s not because we need it for our health or survival aspect, but because of  commodity, culture and lack of education and lastly, because of taste.”

– James Aspey

Most people don’t question their habit of eating other animals as they’ve been brought up to believe that this is a normal behavior – matter which our society still consider as being normal.

But causing suffering should never be considered normal.

There is no valid argument for someone who is living in a world where we live with an abundance of fruit and vegetable at every corner to ever pay someone to kill an animal on our behalf that we would not want to kill in the 1st place, that we don’t need to.

We don’t need to participate in the animal cruelty, while humans are naturally plant-eaters made to eat fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Watch Earthlings to see how animals are treated in the farming industry.

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