Ina Pura About Vegan Friends


Hello everyone, my name is Ina. I have a great love for everyone around myself and always strive to bring people together and initiate meaningful projects for others in need.

Vegan Friends, is one of my projects where I find myself in charge of publication and video production as well as writing and cooking. I try to come up with creative and educative content for people of all ages, genders, social statuses, etc.

l am also a people’s person so I’m also taking Vegan Friends to social media.


Cuchi (Cookie) Cat About Vegan Friends

Cuchi Cat

Cuchi (Cookie) is a rock star, always ready to crack you up with a joke. She can be rude and sarcastic at times but always comes clean with loveliness in the end. Cuchi is very friendly and gets along with other earthlings very fast, regardless of them being birds, cats, dogs or even hedgehogs…needless to say this proves that her “picky attitude” is just a mask that she puts on thinking that it might look cooler that way.

She enjoys watching ‘TV’  from the window sill to see what’s going on outside, and loves sunny days when she spends time in the garden.

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