3 Recipes for Vegan Cheese Sauce

Believe it or not, vegan cheese doesn’t necessarily have to require a complex processing method that can only be done in a factory. With some common, affordable vegetables you can make some pretty creative vegan cheese sauces and really enjoy them.

Actually, it’s far healthier if you make the vegan cheese sauce yourself, because then you have total control over exactly what goes into it and therefore into your body.

On the market there are several well-known brands for vegan cheese and they can be made from soy protein, solidified vegetable oil, thickening agar flakes,nuts, vegetable glycerin and so on. We will talk about these in another blog, and will share our preferences and experiences with some of them.

Today we are presenting you 3 recipes for vegan cheese sauce and show you how you can make these  by yourself in just few easy steps at home.

  • 50 minutes Cooking
  • Difficulty: Easy peasy

We are rooting for homemade food since it is much healthier, affordable and most importantly, you can have as much as you want from your meal.

When it comes to quantity, I prefer a lot of sauce for pasta, but this is just me. Usually, for our food blog I am taking pictures of his plate, because if I will show you my plate, you might be missing the fact that underneath it all, there is some pasta too. These be told it is your decision how many servings you want to get out of each recipe- you will increase or decrease the amount of vegetables you will use for it.


  • Carrots
  • Parsnip
  • Potato
  • Onion & Garlic

The hard part:

Wash, mince and boil them together. Add salt, pepper and other spices you prefer for flavor.

This is your base for all 3 recipes. 

Vegan Cheese Sauce #1: Easygoing & Relaxed

Vegan Cheese Sauce

The 1st recipe from our video is sweet and very creamy.

The base is exactly as mentioned above, but the secret ingredient for the flavor of this sauce is the sweet potato.

Did you know - Sweet Potato

Steam or boil them for 7 minutes and they are done.

When all vegetables are boiled, mix them in a blender until the texture of the sauce satisfies you. If your blender is picky, it is wise to let them cool down a bit before mixing.


This is the fastest and cheapest dairy-free cheese sauce we have made so far.

 Vegan Cheese Sauce

Use this on pasta, in sandwiches, on potatoes and even as a cheese soup served with croutons.

Vegan Cheese Sauce #2: Great for mac & cheese.

Vegan Cheese Sauce

For the 2nd recipe we will need pepper, almonds, soy milk and ground tofu.

Start with the same base, and add the almonds and the peppers in the pot along with the rest of the vegetables. When they soften a bit add some soy milk (choose the quantity depending on your preferences; if you like the sauce more thick, then 200 ml (1 regular mug would do just fine).

Vegan Cheese Sauce  Vegan Cheese Sauce

When the veggies are boiled, add the ground tofu, and squish them into a paste using a potato masher instead of a blender. This will ensure a more cheesy texture given by almonds than the previous sauce.

Did you know - Tofu

Vegan Cheese Sauce #3: Fancy & Sophisticated

Vegan Cheese Sauce

For the 3rd recipe we will use only carrots, onion and garlic for the base and will add extra grinded tofu and chickpeas in the end.

After the veggies are boiled and mixed in the blender, we added a dairy-free cream to thicken the sauce to give it a milky texture. On top of it add the ground tofu and blend it in until it gets a fluffy consistency.

Vegan Cheese Sauce

 Vegan Cheese Sauce     Vegan Cheese Sauce 6

This is Isola Bio rice cream – it is a great dairy and Gluten-Free alternative to dairy cream for use in sauces and pasta dishes. We love this product, it is very light and flavory. You can use it also in making cakes or frosting, it is cheap and can be found at most supermarkets and of course in bio shops.

Vegan Cheese Sauce      Vegan Cheese Sauce

When serving, add the chickpeas and incorporate them in the sauce.

Did you know - Chickpeas

This sauce, along with the chickpeas is very consistent and you will feel satiated and full in a very short time.

Since we used to eat and love dairy products, we are constantly trying out new healthy recipes and experiment with different alternatives.

Next time we will show new cheese variations, and discuss more about adding stuff like nutritional yeast or Agar Agar. We will share with you our honest opinions about these, and we hope that until then, you will find time to try out at least one of these 3 recipes and let us know what do you think about it 🙂

Until then, peace and plants to you.

Vegan Friends Vegan Cheese Sauce Recepies

Hugz ❤

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